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How do Ukrainian mail order brides work?

Have you already heard something about mail order brides? Let’s clarify this expression together.

It was mentioned for the first time in the twentieth century, mainly towards ladies from Southeast Asia, East Europe or Latin America. However, the technical revolution of the twenty-first century has expanded the meaning of this term. Now we call “mail-order brides” all women, who look for their love abroad with the help of internet-meeting platforms.

In this article, we want to focus on Ukraine brides.

Slavic ladies are well-known worldwide. This knowledge keeps them year-by-year in the TOP-5 rating of the most desirable wives. They are not so emancipated as American women, but not so humble as Asian females as well. With their family goals, stunning appearance and powerful mind, Ukrainian brides are “the golden mean” between Western and Eastern excesses.

You may probably have a question. Are all these statements true or just another stereotype? Well, let the numbers speak from themselves. According to statistics, in 2018, every 12 marriages in Ukraine were registered with the foreigners. More than 40% of them came from the USA.

Let’s compare the divorce rate in this great Western country, just to be sure. Recording to Paul Amato, a top American researcher, between 42% and 45% marriages in 2018 ended with divorce. However, the same source reports that only 15% of all US-Ukrainian couples broke-up that year. Almost similar numbers were mentioned by the world’s most prominent academicians. Therefore, we hope that above-stated information was able to convince you that Ukrainian bride sites really work.

Yes, you have a right to ask another question. Do Ukraine brides really work exactly for you? Well, you’ll never know until you try. We can only provide you with the practical tips about finding your special one, and all the rest is up to you.

During the years of work in the international dating industry, we’ve created our own universal principles of getting a mail-order bride:

  • Choose an international marriage agency, which is well-experienced and has many highly-satisfied members.

Each year new international dating services appear on the market. The overwhelming majority of them is not able to protect their members from internet scams and leaves the industry with dishonor. Take a little more time and search for a reliable agency, which would respond to your expectations.

  • Create and completely fill your profile.

We can assure you, empty profiles without pictures could hardly draw the attention of a beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Write something interesting about yourself, describes your hobbies and interests. A few words about the woman of your dreams would be useful as well. Don’t be shy and upload at least a few actual pictures of yourself. All these little things will help your mail-order bride to gain the first impression. Take it seriously!

  • Make your own research about Ukraine and mental characteristics of local people.

If you are serious about creating a family with a Ukrainian woman then learn something about her culture, habits, beliefs. This knowledge would come in handy someday, especially at the time of your trip to Ukraine.

  • Review as many profiles as possible.

Yes, they all are gorgeous and charming, but it’s not about the appearance only. Read attentively their profiles, as you need someone to spend the rest of your life with. People say: hasty climbers have sudden falls. Keep that in mind.

  • Make the first step.

If you really like someone – send a letter or chat invitation.  Communicate as much as you can with different ladies and find not a wife only, but a good friend.

But what about the affordability issues? Buying a Ukrainian wife, how much does it cost?

Unfortunately, it’s not free. The final cost depends on different factors: how much do the dating site services cost? Does your lady speak good English? How oft do you want to travel to Ukraine to meet her? As you can see, it’s highly individual, but if we are talking about the minimum price – it would be something like 1000 USD.

But you don’t have to spend money mindlessly. For example, on, male members have an opportunity to order foreign language courses for their beloved ladies. It’s a good investment for the future because usually, interpreters in Ukraine take 20 USD per hour. Without any extra services like this one, you could save a lot of money.

In any case, our qualified customer support staff may give you many helpful recommendations. Simply ask! It won’t be easy with Ukrainians, just like with other ladies, but a happy international family as a result - worth the effort.

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