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What to begin the design and development of mobile apps with?

Mobile apps design is the sphere of design which has started to develop recently. Nowadays the market of mobile apps has become more interesting due to the appearance of great hardware and ecosystems. Together with the development of the larger number of mobile apps, the design has become more important in order to provide the users with the good experience. What can be your source of ideas and inspiration? The answer to this one and other questions you will be able to find in this article which aim is to help you to concentrate on the most significant things which you should know before developing mobile apps.

Why is it necessary to make a research of the market?

Your first step towards the mobile apps development is to become an owner of your own smartphone. This is obvious that if you have had a smartphone during several years, it would be your benefit for developing your mobile app. First, become a user and only then- a designer. Your device will perform the function of your assistant which will draw your attention to the problematic issues of mobile apps. You should focus your attention on iPhone and Android as these two platforms are the largest.

What is the difference between the development of mobile apps and web-sites?

The context is the thing that makes mobile apps so powerful and fascinating. Each application has its own function and is being developed for the definite purpose. For instance, let’s look at the such mobile app as a restaurant guide. First of all, you should to create something that will be able to show users the relevant results in a minimum period of time as the user, probably, is outside and is looking for the recommendation on the run. This opens a lot of opportunities for innovations in mobile apps and you, as a designer, must be well-informed. You should test the latest apps in order to know about everything that is appearing on the market.

In case you still don’t have a smartphone, you should hurry up to purchase it as it is impossible to become a good designer without testing mobile apps from the side of a user. Don’t limit yourself with only one device. It is necessary to work with the various devices to compare how mobile apps work on different platforms. This is important for having a chance to gain more knowledge about the styles and differences between the platforms.

What is visual inspiration?

Every day a great number of new approaches are being developed on the basis of innovations. For example, nowadays users have a large choice of apps:

  • Apps for reading.
  • Apps for photos exchange.
  • Apps for business notes.

Each of these types has its own definite visual style depending on the aim and the context of the app.

Visual knowledge should be improved by each designer in any sphere. Especially this refers to mobile apps design as every day new interface or new model of design appears. While working at your project it is useful to analyze other designs as it will give you an ability to get more information. Look for the inspiration looking at the large mobile apps.

Tips on how to develop mobile apps successfully

There are some pieces of advice which you can use while thinking about creating your own project.

  1. Being a designer, think as a user

    What does it mean? You should understand how the user wants to interact with the application.

  2. Ask yourself which is the easiest way to reach the goal

    Think of the ways to make something innovative in this sphere.

  3. Start learning the existing models of design before starting your project.
  4. Learn different types of interfaces, menu, navigation.
  5. Try to create and test your application design step by step in your head using your imagination.
  6. Ask yourself:” What is the main aim of my application?”.
  7. Think how to make your app simple in use as the main aim is to provide users with the simple and effective navigation when they can find the necessary information quickly.
  8. Use simple color schemes.
  9. Think how to answer the following questions: “Which actions should the user be provided with using the mobile app?”, “Which sections are the most important in the app?”

After being able to find the answers to all questions, you can move to the most important part- developing your own design. First of all, have several draft versions before getting the main version of your future app.


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