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Cat Watches by Caterpillar

There is no doubt that Caterpillar is one of the world’s most widely recognised brands. With a heritage that stretches back over a century, the CAT logo possesses an aura of invincibility which dominates the world of construction and engineering. Now, it is bringing that legacy to the world of wrist watches.

The Caterpillar company produces diverse products and it currently:

  • employs about 100,000 people across the world;
  • earns an annual revenue of approximately US$40 billion;
  • builds equipment and gear for defence forces around the world.

The company’s accessories and consumer products range includes clothing, luggage, flashlights, knives, smartphones and watches.

The Range of Watches

Caterpillar wrist watches are designed both for men and for women. Each piece is the culmination of many years of research into the science and engineering behind precision timepieces. Beautiful both inside and out, it is a delight to own and a pleasure to wear.

The range is divided into a series of collections, each with its unique design and feature set. Whether you are looking for an elegant accessory to accompany your business suit or a rugged automatic that will guide you through any challenge nature throws at you, a CAT watch is the real deal.

Made for You

The Caterpillar watch range is so diverse that there will probably be more than one that catches your eye. Before you buy, there are three criteria that you should consider:

  • Style - do you want a dress watch, sports watch or a hybrid?
  • Dial and Case - The essence of the watch is in its movement and the range of information it presents.
  • Strap - Bracelet, silicone or nylon; each has its advantages.

Shop only from the CAT Watches authorised store. This guarantees authentic Caterpillar quality and every purchase you make even comes with free shipping across Europe.

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