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It's your choice
It's your choice

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It's all about You!

What are your goals?

You are probably asked all the time “What do you want to do with your life?” Do you know? Have you given some thought to some short-term goals, say in the next 3 months or the next 6 months, or next year? Have you thought about what you will be doing in five years? Where do you want to live? Do you want to go to college? Be in a career that you find interesting? Surfing in Hawaii?

Consider your own goals and write them down. Separate them into short-term (in less than a year) and long-term (in the next five years). Keep these goals in mind when making important decisions, such as choosing abstinence.

Your personal mission statement

Respect yourself

To respect yourself means having a healthy self-esteem, or liking yourself, for the most part, just as you are. It doesn’t mean seeing yourself as the greatest person in the world or being conceited. You should think as highly of yourself as you do others. Is it OK to have doubts about yourself? Sure. You are a unique individual who should celebrate your strengths and achievements.

Don’t judge yourself against unreasonable standards. Have respect for yourself and the important choices you will make in life. After all, it’s YOUR future.

How can Abstinence help?

When you decide to not have sex, you simplify your life. You don’t have to worry about pregnancy or STDs or complicated emotional issues. You can focus on achieving your goals instead.

If you don't have sex it doesn't mean there's
anything wrong with you.
Listen up!
Not having sex just means you're not having sex.
It's that simple!

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